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20L lubrication oil automatic filling machine manufacturer

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20L lubrication oil automatic filling machine manufacturer

GZM-25L auto dosing lubrication oil filling machine is with high filling speed and accuracy.

Only need one worker to place the empty drum on the weighing platform, then it will start to fill automatically.

If your day production is big, you can choose our full automatic filling line.

Technical parameters:

Filling capacity: 2L ~ 50L/ barrel

Weighing range: 1 kg ~ 100kg

Filling speed (water medium) : 50 ~ 100 barrels/hour

Filling station: 1 (optional according to actual output)

Number of nozzles: 1 (can be customized)

Measurement error: ±0.2%

Machine explosive-proof grade: Ex d e ib MB Ⅱ BT4 Gb (if needed)

Model GZM-25L
Suitable material Liquid like coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fineness chemical etc
Weighing form Filling above level (liquid without foam)
Filling under level (liquid with foam)
Filling capacity 5-30KG
Accuracy  0.2%
Filling speed 120-240 barrels/hour
Barrel form pail, can, bottle etc.
Gas power 0.5MPa
Work environment Temperature :-20℃~45℃relative humidity:95%(none dew)
voltage AC220V  50Hz
Max power 1KW
Filling mouth material SUS304/SUS316/PTFE
Platform size(mm) 350x350
Option Explosive proof

Working process:
1. Manually place the empty drum on the weighing platform, press start, the machine start to fill;
2. The machine has two filling steps, fast filling and slow filling, the value can be set;
3. When achieve the weighing target, the machine will stop automatically;
4. Manually remove the container to the sealing device;
5. The capping device seal the container automatically.