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Dual nozzle 20L motor oil filling machine

■ Product overview: Liquid filling machine is a kind of high degree of automation of packaging equipment, its main function is to automatically fill liquid material into a predetermined weight.Liquid filling machine in the filling process
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Dual nozzle 20L motor oil filling machine

■ Product overview:

GZM-30L-II is a dual nozzle 20L pail motor filling machine, it only needs one worker to operate the machine.

It uses weighing method to achieve the dosage, it will be more stable and with higher accuracy than the volume dosing. 

The machine is with high filling speed and accuracy.

It can add capping device, flame proof is also avaiable.

If your day production is high, you can choose our full automatic filling line.

■ Specifications:

Suitable for chemical, food and other industries of mass production, automatic filling line instead of human filling, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the chance of contact material, ensure the filling accuracy, avoid accidents.

Model GZM-25L
Suitable material Liquid like coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fineness chemical etc
Weighing form Filling above level (liquid without foam)
Filling under level (liquid with foam)
Filling capacity 5-30KG
Accuracy  0.2%
Filling speed 120-240 barrels/hour
Barrel form pail, can, bottle etc.
Gas power 0.5MPa
Work environment Temperature :-20℃~45℃relative humidity:95%(none dew)
voltage AC220V  50Hz
Max power 1KW
Filling mouth material SUS304/SUS316/PTFE
Platform size(mm) 350x350
Option Explosive proof

■ System features:

Double nozzle and double metering design, two sets of filling system work at the same time, the efficiency increases;

From the bottom of the packaging barrel, the use of liquid under the umbrella filling, can inhibit the formation of foam, prevent material overflow.Can also inhibit the filling process generate static electricity;

Equipped with nitrogen filling device, it can greatly eliminate the harm caused by explosive liquid filling

■ Application fields:

√ paint √ oil √ machine oil √ glycerine √ adhesive √ hardener √ diluent

√ Oil ink √ Aid √ Milk acid √ Phosphorus acid √ Sulfuric acid √ Additive √ Latex paint √ Lubricating oil

√ Salt Acid √ Flavor √ Acrylic Resin √ Chemical and Food Industry Liquid Materials.