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GZM-200L polyester resin 200L drum filling machine manufactu

GZM-200L is a liquid weihging dosing filling machine for 208L drums. It can fill all kinds of liquid, such as lubricant oil, motor oil, agriculture chemical liquids, polyester resin etc.
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GZM-200L polyester resin 200L drum filling machine manufacturer

■ Introduction
GZM-200L drum filling machine is designed to fill all kinds of liquids into 208L/216L drums. The machine uses weighing method to dose the filling capacity. It is with higher accuracy then the volume dosing method. The machine is widely used in food, chemical, agriculture industrial, such as cooking oil, lubrication oil, lube oil, solvent, agriculture chemical liquid etc.

Filling capacity: 0-300kg
Filling accuracy: 0.2%
Air pressure: 0.4-0.5mpa
Filling speed: 50-60 drums/hour
Conveyor length: 1.5m+0.7m+1.5m

■ Features
Short nozzle for liquid without foam, diameter 40mm, faster filling;
Long nozzle for liquid with foam or electrostaic prevention, diameter 40mm;
Touch screen controller, easy to operate and set;
Weighing system to control the capacity of each drum;
Roller conveyor for easy movement.
Options: flame proof(ATEX)
Auto drive conveyor

■ Working process
1. The operator push the empty drum on the weighing platform;
2. The operator aim the nozzle to the drum opening and press start;
3. Then the machine start to fill automatically;
4. After achieve the target, it stop automatically;
5. The operator push the filled drum out off the machine.


Model GZM-200L
Suitable material Liquid like coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fineness chemical etc
Weighing form Filling above level (liquid without foam)
Filling under level (liquid with foam)
Filling capacity 200kg
Accuracy  0.2%
Filling speed 50-60 barrels/hour
Barrel form 216L Steel/Plastic drums
Gas power 0.5MPa
Work environment Temperature :-20℃~45℃relative humidity:95%(none dew)
voltage AC220V  50Hz
Max power 1KW
Contact parts material SUS304 & PTFE
Platform size(mm) 700x700
Option Roller conveyor